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WiZo-Link uses radio technology to create what is known as a mesh network. This may be described as a layer of radio communications (think of these as roads) where every device (WiZo-Link) is continually acting as a repeater for all the signals (the “traffic” or “vehicles” traveling on the “road”) in the network, even if these devices are not associated with that WiZo-Link.

Make anything wireless thanks to mesh network technology
The WiZo-Link’s value proposition is a simple one: to make your life easier by pulling the plug on wires.
Hard-wired connections have the following limitations.

They are:
• Costly
• Unsightly
• Time-consuming
• Fixed and inflexible


WiZo-Link takes all the hassle out of creating a fully-connected home by forming a wireless mesh network that can be effortlessly scaled and expanded according to your requirements.

Each WiZo-Link becomes a “node” in the network and talks to other nodes to create a sort of intelligent and responsive super-highway carrying signals over great distances. If the environment changes, the network simply finds a suitable detour to ensure that you remain connected.


Extendable range with redundancy
With WiZo-Link, the range is no longer an issue. Unlike traditional starred networks, adding more devices actually strengthens the network since every device acts as a signal repeater. In addition, thanks to a system design that incorporates redundancy, the reliability of the network is guaranteed even if one of the devices stops working1. The signal will simply be “picked up” by the nearest working device.
1. Assumes more than two nodes

Not reliant on line-of-sight
Traditional networks may be compromised by the presence of buildings, trees and other structures obstructing the transmission path. Mesh networks like the one created by WiZo-Link automatically adapt to the environment by finding the optimal route for wireless communication. WiZo-Link is a bidirectional device, meaning that each device in the network acts as both transmitter and receiver, further strengthening the network and making for a truly robust wireless infrastructure that isn’t reliant on line-of-site transmission.

Eliminates wired civils
With WiZo-Link, there is no need to deface your property and spend large amounts of money on time-consuming, unreliable and inflexible wired connections.

A virtually unlimited list of possible applications
WiZo-Link enables you to wirelessly control and activate lights, electric gates, geysers, pool pumps, irrigation systems, air conditioners and a plethora of other electrical appliances. It’s home automation made simple, and wireless!

Control your entire world with a single, centralised GSM unit
Bring your WiZo network to life by adding a CENTURION G-ULTRA GSM unit. All you’ll need is a single, centralised GSM unit to monitor and control all your WiZo-Linked appliances via your mobile phone*. This is a far more cost-effective solution than installing a GSM unit at every appliance that you’d like to monitor and/or control, and you’ll save a wad of cash on cabling and installation costs, not to mention the convenience of controlling your home from your phone.
*.*Each device that is to be monitored and/or controlled requires a Master Node in order to facilitate the input/output functionality of the Slave Node(s)

WiZo-Link networks can be grown to almost any size
The beauty of a WiZo-Link network lies in its superior flexibility and customisability. One could, for example, start by switching on a single outside light and gradually add to your network until there is a considerable number of “nodes” in your network, performing a variety of functions.

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