• Handset intercom with soft-touch buttons, 1 programmable AUX button and 4 buttons for intercom calls, white.
  • Equipped with button for ringtone adjustment/exclusion.
  • Wall-mounted intercom with 3 main soft-touch buttons for door opening, programmable auxiliary control and ringtone adjustment/exclusion (with signaling LED when excluded).
  • Suitable for multi-user systems as it allows up to 6 intercom calls and the sending of the “Panic” signal for the porter to call for help.
  • It allows managing the “gate opener” function and displays the status of the gate controlled by means of a signaling LED.
  • Prearranged for wall installation on horizontal and vertical 503 box and on round Ø 60 mm box.
  • Compatible with the X1 and XIP systems.
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