Nemtek Druid 15 LCD Fence Energizer

Nemtek Druid 15 LCD Fence Energizer

The Nemtek Druid 15 LCD fence energizer is the perfect solution for both home and commercial security.

The LCD display in the Druid range makes information on the status and performance of the energizer quick and easy to read. Using the Adaptive Power Technology (APT) pioneered by Nemtek, these energizers offer a unique technology to detect how much power a fence can accept and handle before it starts to arc and waste energy. This maximises the power on the fence and minimises false alarm.

Other features include;

• 4.6 Joule output energy (single zone)

• Built-in alarm monitors tampering or faults on the high voltage and earth fence wires

• Connectable to armed response radio or GSM module

• Lightning and power surge protection

• Powered by 240V mains and includes built-in battery for back-up power

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