The outdoor unit DRC-4L.
The indoor unit CDV-43K.

DRC-4L is characterized by a very simple and also innovative design, with a built-in illumination sensor. It comes with a plastic case, and it can be installed indoors and outdoors. The powering and communication with the indoor monitor it is made on 4 wires. Besides this, the electric lock is controlled through this unit.
CDV-43K is the main attraction for this kit. It has a very high-quality ABS case and is a lot smaller than other products from FINE VIEW family, making it more discrete no matter where it is positioned. A 4.3″ TFT LED is displaying the images sent by the outdoor unit. There are 4 little touch buttons that allow users to access the outdoor unit live images even if there’s no call on the course, the second button can call the audio extension if there exists, the third one is used for door opening, and the last one represents the OSD button. The communication with the DRC-4L is done on four wires.
The connection is extremely simple, the only thing that the installer should be careful of is to respect the correspondence between wire colour (from the CDV-43K) and the DRC-43K input ports.
This solution was successfully tested on 60 meters distance without any issues.”

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